Track Customer Spending Offline and Online

Google is going to track your offline and online spending in order to get more digital advertising revenue. The offline tracking of credit/debit card transactions will let Google automatically inform merchants when their digital ads translate into sales offline. The store sales measurement tool is being previewed in San Francisco at an annual conference for Google's advertisers.
Google already has the biggest online ad network, with $79 billion in revenue last year. Google expects the data to show a cause-and-effect relationship between online ads and offline sales. It could help persuade merchants to increase their digital marketing budgets.

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Land of the Rising Son

Softbank's Masayoshi Son is expected to announce soon the close of the first fundraising round for his new Vision Fund, a $100 billion technology investment fund that will be the world's largest private equity fund. His investors, which include Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund and Apple, expect technology investments that will match or beat the ROI that Son has delivered in the last almost 2 decades.
Softbank's Son is looking for dealmakers who can spot the most commercially disruptive technologies. Son is looking for industry wonks to find potentially game-changing investments in sectors such as genomics, AI, robotics and IoT.
SoftBank's investment committee currently includes Son, Deep Nishar, SoftBank CFO Alok Sama, SoftBank director Ronald Fisher and head of the Vision Fund, Rajeev Misra. SoftBank is yet to finalize the investment committee for the new Vision Fund.
SoftBank is looking for experts in sectors like enterprise software, AI, robotics, digital m…

Getting the Next Billion despite High Data Costs

Big tech firms are trying their best to deal with high data costs in markets like India. The high data costs are a hurdle in attracting the next billion.

In its recent I/O Developer Conference, Google announced Android Go by which it will pre-install in its operating system a number of new features including software to manage cellular data costs. These new features, due to appear in 2018, are aimed at the cheaper smartphone market to attract more users to the Google platform and its services.

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CyberAttacks, Outages and Disruption

WhatsApp has suffered its second major outage recently. Rumours, which spread fast and go viral, did more to damage businesses in Bengaluru than the ransomware attack itself, which is feared to have infected over two lakh computers across 150 countries. Wary of carrying out online bank transactions, customers  and businesses are postponing digital payments. Businesses, which were just recovering from demonetization, suffered again. Even banks are under pressure as customers are lining up to withdraw cash from the counter. 
This sort of disruption will become a major concern as more and more services go online.
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Digital Influence on Purchasing

The way purchases of real estate and cars are done in India is changing. The digital influence of social media and digital marketing is changing consumer behaviour.

About 70% of automobile sales in India will be "digitally influenced" by 2020, a report by Facebook and Bain and Co. says. The report looked at the impact of digital technologies like social media and Internet of Things (IoT) on the automotive industry. Social media is expected to become an important influencer, driving auto sales by 2020.
Most people now do a large part of their research online before purchasing a car. Therefore, auto makers need digital media as an important part of their marketing strategy. And a lot of post-purchase activities are now online.
By 2020, it is expected that up to 40 per cent of consumers are expected to book repair and maintenance services online and about 30 per cent will go online to purchase vehicle accessories.
Most Indian auto makers are not spending enough on digital inve…

Transformative Training and Skills

The demand for expertise in AI (artificial intelligence) is rising. US-based manufacturer of graphics processor technologies, NVIDIA says it will train 100,000 developers this year at the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, which provides training to developers, data scientists, researchers on the use of the latest AI tools and technology.
"AI is the defining technology of our generation. To meet overwhelming demand from enterprises, government agencies and universities, we are dramatically expanding the breadth and depth of our offerings, so developers worldwide can learn how to leverage this transformative technology," says NVIDIA. NVIDIA has trained developers in AI around the world including at IIT Bombay.
International Data Corporation estimates that 80 percent of all applications will have an AI component by 2020. NVIDIA is broadening its curriculum to include the applied use of deep learning for self-driving cars, healthcare, web services, robotics, video analytics and f…

Creating a Communications and Services Ecosystem

Airtel, India's major telco, has partnered with Ola, an Indian cab hailing app, to offer new digital services to customers. Airtel and Ola will bring together their respective platforms and reach to co-create an ecosystem to enhance India's growing communication and mobility needs. Ola will leverage Airtel's integrated suite of enterprise services to power its operations while Airtel will leverage Ola's network of drivers.
Airtel Payments Banks, part of Bharti Airtel, will integrate with Ola app, while Ola Money, a mobile wallet, will integrate with MyAirtel App.
Airtel retail kiosks will assist customers looking to book an Ola ride. While Airtel will be able to leverage Ola's network of drivers, who will act as mobile retail points for recharging Airtel prepaid numbers.

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